The two policies are in conflict with each other.

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The two policies are in conflict with each other. Is the 60 day refund policy deceptive advertising. Their website states there is a 60 day refund policy. A one day claim policy makes there 60 day refund policy false/deceptive advertising.

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I paid for return insurance, I returned the 3 items the next day they were in the mail, and you keep my money for credit? I will cancel PayPal when you refund my money. I’ve enjoyed the items I’ve gotten from Shein, they take a bit longer to get to me than other stores, but don’t take as long as AliExpress or Wish. I’m a huge penny pincher, so I really like finding fashionable clothes for cheap. And their new home goods section seems great, though I have not bought anything from it yet. I’ve bought items from Shein multiple times and don’t plan on stopping!

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The Freedom Life Insurance health coverage is absolutely a terrible choice for your health insurance. I was led to believe that it may not be suitable for smaller routine charges, it would be good for a larger, more catastrophic needs.

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  • You have to conform to many condition and take a good look at all the small print because an accident can happen before you know it.
  • As said before, Gin and his posse are always outnumbered, so anything will help.
  • I like how there’s good coupons and points.
  • In fact, I’ve been impressed by their speedy service.
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The movers were very professional and friendly. Got right into work and before you new they were done loading and ready to move to the new place. Great boxes for moving clothing on hangers.

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A larger sample size can provide you a better, more diverse understanding of the company. More recent reviews are often more informative because they discuss what the company is like right now. You can read through older reviews to see how the company has applied feedback and improved on the elements employees have written about. You can also see whether some positive elements have been further improved or increased.

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Back again to leave to another terrible review. I was contacted by Shein the last time so hopefully they see this one as well. I selected all the items that I wanted to return and paid without any incident. I packaged everything as I was supposed to and I mailed the package. Please Shein tell me why the package that I paid for using YOUR RETURN LABEL ENDED UP BACK ON FRONT DOOR!!!?? This how Shein is getting out of refunding people money?! I have never had this happen with any company ever.

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I have gone to the Better Business Bureau site and there are so many complains. Stephen Barker the insurance rep lied about the doctors who were covered under this policy. Took my son to his Pediatrician and had to pay $250 upfront because they would not accept this insurance yet Stephen confirmed that they were in the network. I have been calling the company for the last 5 days and nobody will return my call.

Be prepared for your scheduled start time to continuously change. Great pay but you will not have a life with the long hours.

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This is impressive considering that with Obamacare that I had before I had nothing but issues. I would and do highly recommend this company for health insurance. Kristen, We would like to know more about your experience, and assist you in your needs. Paying almost $500 per month for what we were told was a plan that turns out to be all lies. We were told our primary, OB & Derm had neve heard of the plan and had on idea how to charge us. Talked to their customer service and they said that is their limit per day.

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We used them for our restaurant for a while, until the customer service got so bad we felt we needed to go elsewhere. There are plenty of safe and legal options, however they involve a little extra walking so the driver doesn’t use them. I’ve complained to their management, and even though they admitted that this drivers actions were illegal, they were still defending him and refusing to correct his behavior. I Uss Express filled enlightened by this test as I have been battling food sensitivities since I was a teenager. Over the past 34 years, I have been experiencing issues with foods, medicines, and the effects of the environment with no real answers from doctors and specialists. I feel empowered after taking this test and I now know that I have the tools required to move away from inflammation and pain to gain optimal health.