Creating a Common Vision with Your Lover

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A crucial command trait is having a shared perspective, which aids in bringing their squad together and putting everyone on the same path to success. It’s even a key to a healthy and happy marriage. In Imago Relationships, we teach lovers to build a mutual Relation Vision by second acting on personal visions differently. In turn, it makes it easier for both lovers to manage their lifestyles jointly( or at least say no to activities that distract from what’s most essential) because of this.

Identifying Individual Goals

In this phase, each lover gets the opportunity to communicate with the counselor their specific long- term goals, dreams and aspirations. Although this step is frequently difficult, it is crucial to understanding the other person and laying the groundwork for a common perception.


Once everyone has their own list, they really order the products according to their significance. Then, the top two or three items from each list should be combined with another piece of paper to come up with a shared relationship vision. This list will consist of agreed- upon, high priority desires.

This process can be time consuming but it’s worth the investment. It enables the couple to form closer ties, establishes work goals as a team, and prevents potential conflict from occurring as a result of miscommunication regarding the relationship’s future. As we all know, there are always bumps in the road and life can be unpredictable, but a common goal will make it marrying an burmese woman simple for you to get past them.